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Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Personal Disability Policy

Here is a series of questions that you should think about before buying that disability policy:

Is it a comprehensive policy that I can afford?

Just because you may be eligible for a policy benefit that covers you for $4,000 or $7,000 per month as a resident or fellow, doesn’t mean that you need to secure the maximum amount of coverage available.  Remember, the higher the monthly benefit the more money the policy costs.

Can I can increase the policy in the future? How much can I increase it in the future?

For example, if you start out with a policy that covers you for $3,000 per month, there may also be an option to increase that coverage amount by an additional $9,000 (up to $12,000 total) without having to answer any medical questions in the future.  If one of your main concerns is the ability to increase coverage later and keep costs down now, securing a policy with a smaller monthly benefit initially may be something to consider.

What is my earning potential?

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